Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Right On To Pesach!

I'm just finally getting my apartment cleaned up from Purim and it's on to Pesach preparations over here! I've been scouring different sites for deals on clothing for the kids. Hoping to stretch out what they already have so I can buy more new things when the weather gets a little warmer. 

Every year, I like to do a big project for Pesach. This year, I asked Chanie Jacobson, our awesome Torah Tots leader, to please put a personalized haggadah using pictures of the kids into the plans for Pesach lessons. I provided some supplies and nudging and she provided a list of scenes we would need to photograph at home and a game plan. Some of the scenes will be done in the program. Then we can each print our pictures and put them in the little books and each child will have a 'guide' of what is being done during the seder, narrated by themselves!

This morning was a pretty gross day in terms of snowfall and road conditions so I chose to not make the trek to Des Moines for Torah Tots. Instead, I went through the list of the pictures I was supposed to take on my own and decided to give it a shot. I got the kids dressed in outfits I have set aside for Pesach and sat them at the table with some props ready. 

{If you need an explanation of what happens at the Pesach Seder, go here.}

I absolutely adore the way the pictures came out. The kids cooperated so nicely, like way better than I could have ever expected. They were both totally hilarious and I ended up with so many pictures. I couldn't stop clicking. In between 'scenes' too. They were just making me laugh so much! I wasn't necessarily planning on sharing these pictures but after looking through them (more times than I'd like to admit) I decided it would be unfair of me not to! They tell a story of a brother and sister just goofing off together and being super silly. Enjoy! Oh and as a disclaimer, please ignore the  messy counters behind the kids.

KADESH (Reciting the Kiddush)

Apparently I was boring him at this point.

"Can we do the next thing now?"

URCHATZ/RACHTZAH (Washing our hands)

KARPAS (Dipping a vegetable in salt water)


Getting ready to eat it. 

Surprised at how delicious it was. 

Tucking it into his stomache. 

Making sure it's settling where it should.


Mimicking everything her brother does.

MAROR (Bitter Herbs)
I would like to preface these pictures with this statement: Benny is one of the best fake criers I've ever met. No joke, he stands in front of the mirror and practices when he thinks we aren't watching. He clearly has more than one style.
And with that, I give you the many crying faces of my children. And I didn't have to do anything to get this ball rolling.

"Am I doing a good job Mommy?" "Yes Benny. I think we can say that."

And then came the pièce de résistance

Shulchan Orech (mealtime)

He remembered that he has to eat with a fork and knife and grabbed an imaginary pair.



Still 'grossed out' by attempting to eat a frog.

BEIRACH (Bentching after the meal)
They were both shuckling intensely, of course.

Checking to see what Benny was doing.

Instantly copying.

And now I have the hard task of choosing which pictures to limit this haggadah to. Wish  me luck!


Dara said...

this is such a cute idea. they did it in prek last year where each kid was on a different page. you could have your own kids on each page though!

Chani M said...

Oh they are each getting their own haggadahs!! :)

Frayda said...

OMG Chani!!! Too adorable! I'm cracking up! I'm tempted to print these out for my own class to look at. Their facial expressions would be perfect for our "Feelings Book"!!!

Chani M said...

Frayda, if you want me to email you pictures let me know!!! I would be more than happy to share :)

BobbiStorm said...

incredible... awesome... you're amazing... really, truly awed... kids adorable.

Postville Zada said...

A shoo in for best actor and actress in next years Oscars!