Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Purim Festivities

Purim was great. The kids has so much fun! My dad ended up coming down to stay with us for the weekend and the kids were overjoyed to have some family on our turf! We hosted our megillah reading on Saturday night, we didn't have as many people as we were expecting but we had a nice little group and the boys that came out to read did an amazing job. Everyone was happy which is what matters most! Bella was dressed as an owl, Benny was Mario, Shuky was pirate-y, I wore a green wig, and my father wore my Superman cape.

The following morning, we got ready to go out to Des Moines. I wanted to do a drop of shopping before the party and, in general, I like to come a little early and lend a hand. I had some last minute touches to do with the costumes and shalach manos.

Benny and Bella's bags, side by side

Our family bags to give out
King Benny

We were an assortment of looks. Benny and Bella were the royal couple. Shuky and I were originally going to be the royal guards but that didn't work out. We got 'derby hats' and bad teeth (the theme of the party was Purim in London = all brits have bad teeth cliche.)

She refused to wear her crown and complained enough to get out of the dress halfway through the party.

Enjoying the assortments of goodies being handed to us

Benny is up on someone's shoulders dancing with two other people
Having a grand old time 
I have no clue who this kid with Benny is but they hung out almost the entire night. This was just too adorable. 
Benny the dance master, breaking it dowwwwnnnn!


Anonymous said...

The boy's name is Shuly Balfour. He lives here in Des moines. He's mendeles friend

Chani M said...

Good to know :)