Monday, February 4, 2013

Works in Progress

Potty training has been fun. We are still in beginning stages. Completely! But she is going nicely, both when I ask her and when she initiates. She has woken up a few times in the middle of the night asking to go, as well, which tells me we may be switching to underwear for nighttime at the same time. Whenever it is we make the complete switch to underwear, that is.

Right now I've got a few projects under way.

I finished Bella's car seat poncho and was so happy with how it came out. I'm almost done with Benny's just finishing up the hood and details.

I'm also working on purim costumes. More working on strategy but I hope to go pick up the materials I need sometime this week. For now, I'm working on the kids' costumes. We'll see if I end up having time to do a family theme or if we will just throw something random on our own selves. I've also started working on my shalach manos. I like to make a handful from us as a family and a few for the kids to each give their friends. The other kids around here don't really give anything out but that has yet to stop me! Thankfully, this year our list of people we would like to give out to has grown! I usually have a specific list of the people I want to give out to, and then I always have a handful of extras for someone unexpected. For the past two years, I made ten. This year I will be making 15. I am also making them smaller than usual this year, just no reason to go as big as I usually like to. I do stock up for the few months before Purim to catch things at their lowest prices. I'm rambling. All you need to really know (as I have no pictures to share for confirmation at this point) is that Purim is a current work in progress!

I have been slowly decluttering and organizing as much as possible. Just getting rid of what we don't need. Working very hard to get the apartment looking nicer. Making sure to avoid going to bed with a mess on hand. When I can.

Unfortunately, my working out has stopped. I hurt my back, like couldn't breathe bad, and had to stop for a few days. I'm having a very hard time getting myself to pop the dvd back in. I definitely need to. I noticed such a huge difference when I was doing it. It's a quick routine and really gets you going! Here's to hopes for more fab and less flab.

I've also got my cousin's bar mitzvah in California coming up in a few weeks and I COULD. NOT. BE MORE. EXCITED! I'm going alone, just me and my kindle (which I am currently accepting book nominations for, by the way). Me and my carry-on luggage. Me and no diapers, strollers, car seats, toys, frumpy clothing (not required but always ends up happening). No bedtime routine to worry about, no early morning breakfast to dish out through half opened eyes. It will be a SUPER quick trip but again, could not be more excited!!! I will be going out Friday morning and coming back on Monday.

Alright, as always, I've got laundry to fold and I'm hoping to organize my closet today. Or start anyway. Got a nice shoe organizer, tried it out first in the coat closet and loved it so much we went back for another! I'm scouring Pinterest for a good hanging jewelry organizer to make. Really need to get that under control. And I absolutely need to get rid of the clothing I never wear. I don't have enough space in there, no reason to hold onto things I don't really like! Whatever I can salvage to make something 'new' will go into my sewing pile.

Hope you have a good one! In my head, I'm already on vacation.

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