Friday, July 30, 2010

Come Here Often?

We've got to stop meeting here at these crazy hours! People will start asking questions ;)

I can't wait for this move to be over with. Tensions and tempers run high. Patience runs low. Food runs out. I want to run away!

Today was a very long day, trailing after yesterday's extreme longness, and sleeping in just wasn't an option this morning, nor will it be tomorrow!

Shabbos has NEVER been so highly anticipated like it is in our house right now. We are invited out for both meals so, hopefully, before Shabbos rolls in, our truck will be full. All that will be left are the beds, Benny's little table, and the A/C units. God bless those A/C units and beds!

Speaking of beds, mine awaits. We'll talk more some other time. My eyes are closing on me. Good night!


tkob said...

Have a GREAT last Shabbos in P'ville. I hope the move is easy. Hope Zalmyis helping a lot!

It's Baby Time said...

Thank you!!!! It will be nice! And fear not, we are giving Zalmy a run for his money!!! :)