Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Take Me Away....

The house is slowly starting to look empty. I am slowly going crazy.

Scratch that, the craziness is not coming on slowly in the slightest!

Today, I decided I'm done stepping on every toy Benny has ever accumulated and started packing them away. I'm not suicidal, obviously, so those boxes are not sealed! He is obviously pulling out most of what I pack but it takes him longer to make his huge mess as he has to go treasure hunting first!

Last night, I went to Doba Greene's wedding in Rochester, MN. It happens to be that I LOVE weddings! I've always had 'Wedding Planner' tucked away as my dream career. Never really lived in the right city to do something like that, though. Back to last night's wedding...Her parents are the Shluchim - they run the Chabad community there and help people visiting the Mayo Clinic. They are really amazing and selfless people. Our families are friends so when I got my invitation (verbally, the week before the wedding, lol) there was no question about it. I planned my packing around the trip!

It's a 90 mile drive, usually takes about an hour and 45 minutes. It was like a mini vacation for me, Shuky stayed home with Benny, attempting to pack. Needless to say, Benny had other plans. But, I'm getting side tracked again! The wedding was lovely, done at the Kahler Grand Hotel. This bride was honestly the most beautiful one I had ever seen. Everything about her spoke elegance and pureness. Her dress was simple and at the same time extravagant. She radiated happiness!

I got home a little after midnight. Passed out. Woke up too early this morning. Had to take Benny for his two year old checkup. He is finally moving up in the percentile charts! He weighs 28 pounds, he's 33 inches tall (although I think the PA may have measured wrong, pretty sure I saw 32.5"). His head circumference is still in the 90th percentile. Yes. 90th. He got one shot today and as soon as it happened, he turned to me, crying intensely, "Mommy, I got a booboo!!!" I love him!

Made some good progress today, packing-wise. Biggest accomplishment of the day, I finally got someone to take my dining room table. I was offering it for free but no one I knew really needed one! I gave it to the guy who's been doing the work on our house! Shuky pulled it apart on the spot and we helped him load it into the car! THANK YOU JEFF!!!

I am exhausted but excited about tomorrow. Benny and I are going to the Lands End Inlet Sale in Dodgeville, WI. Hoping to snag some great steals. We will be continuing on to Madison, going to hang out at the zoo and then picking up my father from the airport. A day away from the craziness of our house! Yay!

PS Now that Benny is two, I am getting ready to plan his Upsherin - the neurotic woman in me wants to have everything planned soon and just let the year sail by! :)

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