Saturday, July 24, 2010

Shabbos Has Gone Away...

Shabbos was very nice. Our dining room was supposed to be cleaned for our Friday night meal, but for some reason **looking everywhere but at you** it wasn't! Instead, we pulled a folding table and the chairs into our newly vinyl-ized kitchen and had a nice, very conveniently close to everything we needed meal.

We were invited out for lunch so that was great! Good food, good company, as can always be expected at this particular house. :)

After Benny's MUCH NEEDED afternoon nap, we went to play with his good friend, Moshe Alex (or Shalex, as Benny likes to call him). Hours on the trampoline, swings and the slide made for an exhausted little boy. As soon as Shabbos was over, the little guy was taken up to bed and eventually went to sleep.

Speaking of being a little guy, seeing him next to the other boys today made me realize how absolutely tiny he is! He is fully two years old (in both calendars) and his shorts he was wearing today were size 12 months from Gap. And they still have some room in them. Granted, most of his clothing are 18 month at this point but still, he's little!!! Tuesday is his two year checkup. I'll let you know his stats!

Tomorrow will be a very busy day!!! Err, today. Wow, it's late! Good night everyone!

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