Sunday, July 4, 2010


For Benny's second birthday, we planned a great afternoon of outdoor fun! We had a coloring station, a sidewalk chalk station, bubbles, plenty of toys, and the bounce house of course! I went with refreshments instead of a BBQ, figuring families would be doing their own things for dinner time! My cake was a huge slice of watermelon and was greatly loved by everyone!! I scattered toys and candies around the table instead of making goody bags, wanting each kid to be excited about the prizes they got to pick instead of possibly not liking what we would hand out!

Of course, about an hour before the party, it started raining outside -- everything had to come inside! We brought the little jumper in the house, cleared out the big dining room table and created a backyard inside. We used his little picnic table and one of his plastic sorting bins to create an indoor bubble station (time to mop my floors now!), put toy bugs all over the big table, and pulled out his train set as well! The kids had a blast, the moms got to sit inside and chat, no one wanted to go home! I would call it a successful indoor backyard party!!

Also, last week Friday, we took Benny for his two year old portraits, just wanted to share that link with everyone! In my unbiased opinion, they came out amazing ;)


Xenia said...

Yay for a great party! And good for you for being flexible and still pulling it all off even with the rain, I'm impressed!

Plus, the pictures turned out adorable, he is so cute!!

Chani Meyer said...

Thanks!! We had so much fun!