Thursday, March 22, 2012

From The Mouths of Babes

On the drive home from picking Benny up today, I asked him how his day went.

For the rest of the drive (about 7-10 minutes), he told me an extremely elaborate story. Stay with me as I try to retell it!

Me: "How was your day today kiddo?"

Benny: "I'm having a bad day!"

Me: "What?? Why?"

Benny: "Just like they say in the 'Yalay Yalay Ya'alili' video Mommy! I'm having a bad day! When I was a Tatty, I went to a store, ALL BY MYSELF MOMMY!! You and Bella waited in the car because I was a Tatty so I was big enough to go in to the store and get some stuff. And so I told them I'm having a bad day and he said I should try Ya'alili!"

Me: unable to get a word in as he has plenty more to say!

Benny: "First I asked my mommy if I could go in to the store and she said, I mean you said (in a high pitched voice) 'Of course you can Benny!' so I said 'Thank you so much!' so that's why I went inside all by myself. Because I was a Tatty."

Me: "Well, what did you go in the store to buy?"

Benny: "Oh, you know, some race cars and stuff like that! That's what I like to get at the market. Isn't that so cool, Mommy? And I paid for it, cuz I was the dad!"

There was obviously more to it but that's as much as I can remember in detail right now. He is hilarious!

Which reminds me, the other night I realized we were completely out of diapers. Like none to even put on Benny for the night. It was ten o'clock. He had napped late in the afternoon so he was still completely up. So I put a swimming diaper on him (found one squirreled away somewhere deep in his closet) and we took both kids to WalMart for a quick stock up. At the register, we were joking around with him and asked him to please pay for his own diapers.

His response was awesome. "I don't have to pay! I'm not the mom or dad!!!!"

And now I am off to get my almost one year old photographed! :)

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