Thursday, March 29, 2012

Suitcases. Again.

Our life seems to be in a constant state of packing and unpacking. I'm not going to lie. I still have a suitcase with a few this sitting on the floor of my closet. It's hard to get motivated to unpack and get things out of the way when it feels like a matter of minutes before our next trip!

In a week from today we head to Florida for Pesach. Once we get back, it's about four weeks until we move to Kansas City. But that's just for the summer. Then we have to pack up and come home!! At which point, it's just a few weeks until Tishrei. I've said it before and I'll say it again, holidays reall lose their beauty when you are in a constant state of unsettled feelings.

This particular holiday we have coming up is a silty different story. I don't want to be home for this one. Before we got married, I made it very clear that I have absolutely no interest in making my own Pesach. A that point, I was working in hotels in exotic places. We were lucky enough to get to do that for our first Pesach together and again when Benny was about 18 months. This year, it wasn't a possibility but thanks to really nice friends and family, we have a pad to crash in and friends and family to spend the time with. And eat. Because that's what holidays are all about.

I want to pretend that at some point in life, when Shuky has some amazing job and we are not forced to stretch every penny until its color starts fading, at that point we wil stay put. But I have a feeling hat won't be so. I think this is just who we are. We like to get out of town from time to time. Experience different cities and communities. The only difference will be where we call home. Hopefully, that will be a bit more established. And beautiful. And I would love to be in a house where I don't have to smell the bacon cooking three apartments over every morning. Or the obnoxious smokers who ignore the rules and smoke in the building.

I should stop rambling now.


BobbiStorm said...

love reading your writing and thoughts, you are so fluid and real. Yes, it's who you are and that's good and that point when you will be somewhere settled is getting closer and closer. Have a wonderful time in Miami.

BobbiStorm said...
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