Friday, March 16, 2012

Let My People Go!

Our computer has been having a lot of issues of the warranty/parts type so I have been relegated to my Ipod and phone for internet usage. As much as I love blogging and really look forward to getting my thoughts out, I abhor blogging on my Ipad. I don't know why, it just really bugs me!!

So I'm going to pretend all those posts that formed in my head actually posted over the past little while and onward we go!

Purim has come and gone, we had a great time! Now we are talking Pesach over here.

We will be in Florida for the holiday so preparations for us consist of booking tickets, packing, and teaching Benny about the story. Tickets are booked, it's too early to pack, we are working on the teaching part of the list.

Benny loves learning about the different holidays, he is still constantly talking about Mordechai, Haman, and the pimple-covered Vashti. He still sings the song we taught him and keeps asking for more hamentaschen. Which, by the way, were killer this year! Brownie filled hamentaschen. DROOL!!

Anyway, back to the present. We've started talking Pesach with him and today I pulled out my dusty craft box and we are in the process of making puppets to help narrate the story! We started with a simple background.

The Egyptians were very mean to the Jews and made them work very hard. Moshe asked Paroah to let the Jews leave, he obviously said no. Hashem sent makos (plagues) to help change his mind. Our puppets are the makos. We are having a ton of fun getting these things together and I am crazy impressed with Benny's fine motor skills as I watch him draw little faces and color things and cut them out nicely!

We are about to take a lunch break and then we have some painting to do! And, of course, along with the project comes a new pesach song! We are currently up to #4 and with each little puppet, I am writing the words to the song that go along with that guy.

Watch for a picture-filled post soon!!

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