Sunday, April 1, 2012

Prize Day

Lately, Benny has been having more behavior issues than normal. I have a feeling it is because Bella is now completely mobile and while he definitely loves her, that makes it difficult for him to rule the roost. But, it also seems like this may have all started even before she was walking. Although he could have been feeling threatened by just the crawling!

Before we went to Florida for the wedding, Shuky and I decided that enough was enough. Something needed to be done. The methods we were trying were obviously not working.  We looked online for a rewards chart and decided to order one from my friend's Etsy store. We were able to personalize it and made it something that would truly excite him each day.

Mission accomplished!

Every day, right before he crawls into bed, we have robot time. Some days he does amazing, others leave room for improvement. At the beginning of the week, we decide on the prize and all week long, he checks out how he's doing, trying to figure out if he will get his prize or not.

Sunday is prize day. At the crack of dawn, definitely before any humans should be conscious, we hear in the monitor, "It's Sunday guys!!! It's prize day!!!! Come count my robots!!!!!!" Then we hear the running towards our bedroom, the door flinging open and the same proclamation, ten times louder.

I would like to formally apologize to our downstairs neighbor. This week he won an indoor basketball game. I am going to lay the blame on my aunt Jordana. She sent our as a chanukah present. I hid it in our closet, hoping he would forget about it. No such luck. He has asked about once a week since unwrapping it! I'm figured the almost full chart this week deserved to be richly rewarded. So again, I'm extremely sorry Dear Downstairs Neighbor. We'll be gone in a few weeks so at least you'll get a quiet summer!!!

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