Sunday, April 22, 2012

We're Back For a Few Seconds!

Blogger has changed its format so I've been avoiding coming out here. But, ultimately, I always come back!

Pesach was beautiful, lovely time with family, drama-free, fun with friends, amazing food, more than enough sun, peaceful, relaxing. I could keep going. I won't.

I'm going through my millions of pictures I took and will post some soon. For now, I give you my words!

The last few months have been pretty hectic around here, and in true 'Us Style', it won't be slowing down any time soon! We are currently in the midst of a storm known as Get-To-Kansas-City. My day is a plethora of to-do lists and organization. My brain will possibly suffer from spontaneous combustion. Only time will tell!

In reality, it's not that bad. There are tons of lists. If I could, I would hire a little elf to sit on my shoulder and remember things for me. I'm constantly remembering things to add to my list while doing something else from the list. By the time I get near my paper to jot it down, I completely blank on it. I slowly backtrack what I was doing until I find the spot where I had the random burst of memory juice flowing through my brain. Sometimes I  figure it out. Hopefully everything eventually makes it.

I do have more to write but I also have a bunch of things I'm ignoring to get this post done. Like look through the pictures from Pesach. Priorities folks!

Before I leave, I give you a few fun anecdotes.

After our beach day, Shuky and I came home slightly redder than when we left. A few days later, those sunburns started peeling. Benny was having a hard time going to sleep one night so I crawled into bed with him and he started rubbing my back, as he usually does. He stopped and yelled, "MOMMY!!!! Your back is plastic!!!"

We were driving somewhere and Benny goes, "What's a LUMOR???" The radio was on and Adele's song Rumor Has It was playing. We explained what a RUMOR is and he is now obsessed with the song. To the point where he recognizes the first note of the song and hears it and asks me to make it louder. And air-drums along with it. Perfectly.

We had many occasions where we got into little arguments with Benny about who's Ami it is - MyAmi or YourAmi!! He would not accept that the name of the city was just Miami.

The pictures are distracting me.

These kids are devastatingly cute sometimes!!


BobbiStorm said...

:) hate the new format too.... love reading what you write... thank you for sharing... heard it was a nice time, waiting for the pics :)

Chani M said...

I'm going to need a new external hard drive for all the pictures I took ;) I'll try to email you a few tomorrow!

"MRS" menucha said...

your back is plastic!! I can't stop laughing!! too cute!!!

Chani M said...

It was hilarious!!