Sunday, April 1, 2012

Hair Care

On Friday, the boys got their hair cuts for Pesach. We are a week early but there is too much going on this week to leave it to the last minute. We use Fantastic Sams in Ankeny, about 25 minutes away. We use a specific stylist there, Amanda, she's awesome with Benny and does a good job with the haircuts. Benny really loves her and she talks to him during the cut, as if he were any other client. It's adorable. I love hearing him tell her about what's going on in his life. He talks about school, his friends, our neighbors, anything he finds exciting.

The boy really knows how to enjoy the finer things in life. He gets a shampoo treatment from her. He sits back with his legs crossed at the ankles, closes his eyes, and melts away into the  bliss of the head massage.

He watches her every move in the mirror. Wants to be sure he will look good on the playground!

Right now, theres a fundraiser going on at the school and Benny is selling chocolate bars. Amanda is now two chocolate bars rickety. Unless shes anything like me, and she's now two pounds heavier!

Hope everyone's holiday preps are going smoothly, whichever holiday you may be heading into!

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