Sunday, April 29, 2012

Knocking on our Wall

I may or may not have mentioned this when we moved into our new place. The external hallway lights are automatic. Come Shabbos, we are pretty much locked in to our 1200ish square feet. Normally it's not an issue. We have the balcony. Sometimes (read: basically every week) we don't even get dressed, just stay in our pjs and relax. Saturday night, our apartment usually looks like a hurricane hit. I try to follow behind the kids and clean as much as possible during the day, we like to use Saturday night as tv catch-up night.

Sometimes, it's a bit much for the kids and they start bouncing off the walls. Literally. Yesterday, Benny crawled into the pack n play and started jumping. By the time we got him to stop (didn't take very long) he had apparently, unbeknownst to us, pissed off our neighbor. A few minutes later, Bella went in to take a nap. Her crying must have taken the cake.


In almost six months of living here and never having an issue, on a Saturday afternoon, that is what brought our neighbor to get upset and slam his fists against the wall!

Of course, the banging on the wall freaked Bella out, who would have been asleep in seconds otherwise. She started screaming even more. Shuky said something like, "Can we help you sir???" through the wall. I hear him walk out of his room. Seconds later, he's at our door.

"Um. I'm not answering that one Shuky, he's all yours."

Shuky opens the door, ready for war. He explains to the guy that by knocking on the wall, she won't go to sleep any faster. He's here to complain about the two seconds of Benny jumping earlier. And to apologize for banging on the wall. Said he worked the night shift (not sure what he does but now I'm super curious!) and was exhausted and totally overreacted. We agreed to try to keep it down. He agreed to stop banging on the wall. Everyone went back to their respective beds.

I keep muttering to myself, "Two more years, two more years."


BobbiStorm said...

2 more years is a blink of an eye... and a life time ahead of you of choices... (been married to Brian 3 years now, unbelievable) can't believe you lived there 6 months..

have Bella's picture on my buffet by the candles when I light every shabbos and I thought this week... she already looks older..

give you guys so much credit for what you are doing and how you are living... I was NEVER good on patience, all my life people have said "learn patience" (hate when people say that, seriously?) but will blink your eyes and look back like it was a blip.

moe used to cry... a lot, loudly... every night. Some lady who worked the "late shift" in the next apartment complex across the street would call the cops every night... they'd come in, ask to "just see him" and comment on the crank caller who they already had in the system as a crank caller...i'd pull the cover over me exposing Moe who had just fallen asleep as Eliezer would lead them into our bedroom (i mean wake up him seriously??) and it's a memory... a funny one looking back but at the time...

love your writing..and your blog

Chani M said...

I know, time seriously passes so quickly! Once in a while, it feels like we're stuck in a time-rut but for the most part, it really flies! I was just thinking about how crazy it is, Benny was like 6 months old at your wedding!!! He's almost four now!
And Bella is literally running everywhere, it's so cute!