Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Good Choices

Benny has been having a lot of accidents lately. Maybe it's stress, he knows we are leaving for the summer soon, things have been tense because of finals, things are tight financially (being in between school and work). Whatever the reason, we needed something to motivate him. There's only so many times I can remind him that he has this whole potty training thing well under his belt. Only so many times I can give myself the pep talk that it'll all be ok!

We printed out some cute little dollar bills for him, called Decision Dollars, for every time he makes a good choice! Mostly intended for bathroom choices but can be used as backup for when the robot chart just isn't doing it. He can trade them in for real dollars (at a slightly high exchange rate, it's a tough economy!!), and we will let him take his real money to the store and buy himself a prize.

Not only is this covering the positive reinforcements needed but it's also good for his math skills. I gave him a little wallet for them (an IDF pencil bag I got in Israel years ago), cleared out a space in one of his drawers, made a big deal, we are good to go!

Hopefully this will work out well! I really don't know what my laundry situation is going to be in KC yet (still working out the details) and I really don't want to have to deal with that mess!

For now, both kids are kvetching and I probably should deal with them. Maybe.

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