Monday, May 14, 2012

Kansas Cityans

We are here in Kansas City. It was an interesting trip getting here but we'll just leave it at that. Our apartment here is cute and the area is beautiful! It's interesting how one apartment can put another in perspective so much.

This is an old building in the process of being revamped. Our carpet is brand new, there's a strong paint smell so we know the walls were just painted, the kitchen was given a little face lift. It is two bedrooms and two full bathrooms, with almost the same amount of square footage as our three bedroom at home. Obviously, the bedrooms are bigger and the living space (i.e. living room/dining room) is definitely a better use of space and feels much more open!

Yet, at the same time, there are things I definitely miss about my apartment in Ames. We are on the second floor, I've been spoiled by living in a building with an elevator. I've been spoiled by having a guaranteed parking spot in a closed garage. I've been spoiled by having brand new bathrooms, even though they did a great job scrubbing this place down before handing us the keys. And I've definitely been spoiled by having actual furniture. But that should be a given.

We are slowly making this a home. We moved in yesterday. Today, my mom and I took the kids and went treasure hunting. We found an awesome mirror in a wooden frame to sit on the mantel. [Oh, did I mention we have a fireplace here?] I think I'd like to paint the wood a fun color, maybe a turquoise for a pop of color!

We borrowed a folding table from friends for now and are watching Craigslist for something else. The same awesome friends provided us with two beds for the summer and we have an air mattress as well. The closets in this apartment are enormous and completely void the need for dressers! Two less things to worry about. We are trying to decide what to do in terms of a couch. I hate to buy a used couch, who knows what's been on it or what may be coming in with it! On the other hand, buying a new couch is a hefty investment now and again when it's time to get home. Do we want to put that much money into a couch? Am I just totally over thinking this one? Probably. But it's what I do.

I will try to get some pictures up but seeing as to how I never put up the pictures I promised from the first apartment we got in Ames, I wouldn't hold my breath if I were you.

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