Tuesday, May 8, 2012


Tonight, dinner was put together by me and Benny. He helped me clear the table. We've started pulling out the things we want to take so that was quite a job! After the table was set, we decided to make some fresh iced tea. I usually have K-cups to make it easier but we are out so I used tea bags. While I was taking the food out of the oven, Benny stirred the tea. Too rough, unfortunately. He burst all the tea bags in the pitcher and it had to be poured out. I had basically used all the ice for that batch. My initial reaction was more than necessary. He was sorry, I was sorry. He said he would be more careful so we started on the new batch.

During dinner, Bella was sleeping so we got to give a little extra attention. He loved it, obviously. Ate really nicely, had some fun conversations with us.
Then he made an announcement. "Mommy, I have some rules four you and Tatty. I have seven rules."
"Nice. Let's hear it kid."
"Rule #1. No yelling. You have to talk in a quiet voice."
Direct response to my overreaction. First thought is, this can work for both of us. I explained to him that we don't like yelling and if he would maybe try harder to listen the first time instead of the fifth, that rule would be alot easier to follow.
He went on to list his six other rules. They were a mix of needing tissues for his boogies, needing to refill his robot ice tray, and some other random things he came up with.

We made our peace treaty. I love the kid so much! His little brain continues to amaze me, minute to minute.


tkob said...

Wait, I want the complete list of rules.....

chay said...

i love this! so cute!!

Fashion-isha said...

Nice to find your blog! Thanks for stopping by mine! Happy Mother's Day!