Tuesday, May 22, 2012

A Swimmingly Good Day

Today was really a great day!

My mom took care of the kids for quite a few hours this morning, I got out for some much needed alone time. I didn't really have too many things I needed to do specifically, I wanted to look for some clothes for the kids.

Found some cute stuff at Old Navy.

Had fun browsing in Babies R Us. I have some friends in the market for strollers and wanted to get my hands on some of the newer models.

Drove with the windows all down, sunroof open, music way louder than it should have been, singing along at the top of my lungs (even at red lights, with other cars around me) iced tea from Starbucks happily being sipped.

There was nothing that could have made me happier today.

Or so I thought.

A little bit after I got home, I realized the pool had opened for the season in our complex. The ultimate cherry on top of the already awesome day! Got everything slathered in sun screen, little (and big) bathing suits adorned, pulled out our red wagon, and had tons of fun!!

And now, the kids are making their way to LaLaLand and I have a good book to read.

Have a good one all of you!

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