Thursday, May 31, 2012

The Lost Post

Not only did I make sure to write a nice post about our Shavuos experience, I actually stayed up late putting it together. And it got lost somewhere between me pushing the send button and it actually getting sent. It's nowhere to be found. Not in my email drafts (been blogging from my phone lately). Not in my blog profile. Not miraculously on my phone in some random file.

So just assume we loved the chag cuz I'm not rewriting it!

But one quick thing from that post:
One morning, Benny and Shuky were heading out to shul and they bumped into the neighbor across the hall. Benny obviously needed to know exactly where he was heading so he asked. They said they were headed to the lake to do some grilling. Benny told them that sounded nice. "We're going to Har Sinai to get the torah. We have a really long walk! We can't go all the way up though, we have to wait at the bottom by the fences. Only Moshe can go all the way up!"

He was able to join the rest of the kids' group at the front of the shul to sing about the holiday. He knew all the words to all the songs already, sang loud and proud next to all his new friends!

Sometimes he really helps us feel okay about this journey we are on. Jewish school or not, he is definitely learning!!

We have our new place mostly furnished at this point. Got some stuff on Craigslist and from thrift stores. Keeping our eyes out for the last few things we need.

I'm heading to Postville this weekend to switch back to my car. I switched with my father for our move, to avoid renting a truck and help with finding furniture once here.

Wish me luck. It's a 7 hour drive and it's just me and the kids going!

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