Friday, April 27, 2012

A Pinner's Life

Our computer is finally functioning properly again and I am truly enjoying it! Pinning away, getting my blog posts done in a timely fashion, being able to do an appropriate amount of stalking on Facebook. Sipping my tea, looking out at the cold, windy day from my warm living room. This is the life!

We won't talk about the suitcases that need unpacking/packing.

There's laundry to fold. At least it's clean, right?

Bella's third tooth keeps teasing up, popping up for a second and retreating.She is obviously not feeling so great because of that little, and seemingly crooked, tooth. She has a very low fever, has been pretty clingy, and wants to nurse all day long. Hopefully the tooth will make a full appearance and stick around for a while!!

I have to pick up Benny from school and I may just choose to veg all afternoon with the kids. Or I may actually get stuff done. Who knows. Thankfully, I'm getting my post done now so I don't  have to confess which route I choose!! ;)

Have a peaceful and relaxing weekend everyone!!

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