Monday, April 23, 2012

Clap Clap

Over the weekend, Shuky taught Benny a trick. Clap your hands two times and you can make someone fall asleep. Yell something funny and that person wakes up. Shuky was committed to his role. Mid-speech he would fall asleep. There was even some snoring involved.

This morning, Benny didn't want to get dressed right away. After my third time asking him to take his pjs off, he saw I was getting frustrated.
He smiled a sneaky smile and clapped twice.
I was still there, getting even more frustrated.
He tried again.
Still didn't work.
"Mommy!!!!! Why isn't it working!?!?"
Oh the beauty of freedom of creativity as a parent. "Benny, it doesn't work if Mommy or Tatty are asking you to do something!"

He is still a hypnotist but he got dressed and went to school. Another successful maneuver on my resume.

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Rochel said...

hahahaha, that's amazing!!! He's so smart! (And so are you;)