Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Fish Land

It rained this morning and there was a strong possibility that it would continue through the day. With that in mind, we planed a very low key day, going to a downtown area, one town over. Do some co-op shopping, maybe visit some other stores.
It didn't rain in the afternoon, so on the way back to Postville, we stopped at the fish hatchery, Fish Land, as Benny called it. The kids loved it! They have little feed machines so you can watch the swarms of rainbow trout devour the pellets. What an amazing sight! The water was murky so I dont think I got any great shots of it but we shall see how they came out when I get home tomorrow.
Afterward, we had a bbq with friends, the kids all really enjoyed running around in my dads enormous yard! :)
And now, im ready for the sun to set with my fully charged camera.

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