Tuesday, April 24, 2012

100 Miles

Sometimes certain things from your childhood stick out in your memory stronger than others. When I was about ten years old, my, family took a day trip up to the mountains. I don't remember much from the actual trip. What I do remember is my shock when I heard we would be driving 100 miles to get there. In one day. And then coming back!
Fast forward 16 years and I'm casually doing drives double and triple that on a regular basis.
I am currently in Postville with the kids. Visiting my father before we make our summer move. Giving Shuky a chance to study for finals in peace. Taking advantage of the gorgeous weather and being able to run around barefoot.
The air is different here. I love the smell of freshly mowed lawn. The windows are open and the birds are singing as we watch the same amazing sunset. Which is ten times more amazing over an open field than over a city landscape, by the way.
I definitely plan on putting my new camera to the test over the next few days. These are from my phone, but adorable nonetheless.

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BobbiStorm said...

Take a pic of the sunset for me from the window in your father's house :) Love that view... everyone should see how beautiful it is.. Enjoy your time with him and enjoy watching him enjoy Benny and Bella.