Sunday, August 25, 2013

Interview With a Kindergartener

I'm really good at starting projects. Let's just leave it at that. Some of them get finished.

I really want this one to carry through.

Today, I interviewed Benny with 20 questions. And measured his height. And tomorrow, as he proudly climbs onto his school bus, I will snap a couple pictures.

I would like to make him a book with an interview, his height, and a picture or two for each year of school. A page for each year from kindergarten through 12th grade.

I think the trick will be remembering where I put the answers, it will be in a special place 'so I won't forget', if you know what I mean. Or I should probably type something up and post it on my blog every year.

Oh man, that is a huge commitment. Not to the book. To my blog!!!

I started out letting him write his answers (I helped him figure out how to spell each word by sounding them out) but by the time we got to question eight, both of us were ready for this to move along a little faster. So I wrote all the answers after that :)

Anyone else have fun things they do to commemorate and remember the first day of each school year? I need to search through the depths of google images for a fun print out to have him hold as I snap his picture tomorrow.

Side note: This week is 'Spirit Week' at the school and day one is crazy hair day. That's so unfair to the mothers like me that actually want him to look nice on his first day!!! Simple mohawk it will have to be.

UPDATE: I figure this is as good a post as ever to add his first day pictures to so here we go! 
 Very happy we went with a tiny 'hawk. No one else really did anything so this looked like a regular hair do.

Waiting together for the bus to come.
THRILLED to be climbing onto the bus. Be still, my heart.

I survived. I didn't cry. He put up with my incessant need to document his life in good spirit. Bella had a slight freak out, "Where my Benny doh???? I wanna doh wit him!"
And then we took Shuky to school and she realized it was just the two of us all over again. And she totally played my current emotional state to sneak in some extra Go, Diego, Go time. Smart cookie.


Shoshana Goldsmith said...

I love the Tzitzis/Mohak look!

Chani M said...

You know how we roll :)