Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Projects Looming

There are a few things I want to make around here so I figured I'd put it on paper, or blogger, for when I forget what my ideas were!

I really want to set up a quiet space/reading corner for both kids, in their own rooms. A place to retreat with an exciting story or cute little toy. For when a change of scenery is needed but not physically possible. When we were in Seattle, one of the many times we were walking through Pikes Place Market, we saw these adorable teepees a woman was selling and almost bought two on the spot. But they weren't cheap and would have had shipping costs on top of that! So, of course, being of the pinterest generation, I immediately committed to making them on my own. I've been researching the best ways to do it and I have a few ideas, and the truth is, making them on my own will be so much fun and then I can have them work with the decor of each room. I say that as if my kids have bedrooms with awesome decor. Don't be fooled by my wise choice of words. In my head, there is a theme for each room. In actuality, their rooms are blank canvases. These will liven things up a bit if, I mean when, they are finished! I'm not 100% set on a design choice for Bella's but I want to make Benny's look like a space ship to go along with his new linens. Wow, as I typed that I realized I never shared a picture of those over here.
Get a load of this folks:

I have wanted to get Bella a dollhouse since last Chanukah and just don't want one of the dinky $30 ones but can not afford the ones that I love. I've seen so many adorable ideas about turning little bookshelves into dollhouses and am hoping to do something like that for her! I just need to find a new clothing storage solution for her room before I can start adding all these little stations. She has a huge dresser in there from her crib set that needs to go, I want to replace it with something small that can go directly in the closet and free up the floor space. And I reaaaallllyyyyy want to get rid of the atrocious eyesore of a toy box that is in her room. Hate that thing. With a passion. And, if we are being honest here, I kind of want to get rid of all the toys in it too.

Benny loves legos but up until a bit before we left to Seattle, the kids were sharing a room, so it never seemed like a good thing to get him into. Little sister, choking hazard, fighting over it, blah blah blah. Now, I think he's ready and I think it would be really good for him. I want to find a cheapo little side table or coffee table or something smaller to make into a lego table for him and get him building and creating!

I really want to make a poster of some sort to hang in our hallway. Somewhat of a souvenir from our road trips this summer, on a grand scale. Not interactive, per say, but something we can walk up to and see the cool things we did in each state. We all had such amazing times and I want that memory to last! And who knows, maybe Seattle will be the place for us and this can be our 'how it all began' memento. My current idea is to use a map with our route plotted out as the background, with our stops laid out over it. Still a jumble of ideas in my head. Trying to think of the best way to do it.

I'd like to make some cute pillows for our couch. It was something we picked up from people we met in Kansas City, used but nice enough. Much better than the horrible futon we had until then! The little ones have definitely marked their territory though and my throws I keep throwing end up as props for games anyway.

I bought a skirt at Target like two years ago. Nothing fancy. Just super comfortable and cute. I went back and bought it in a few more colors. I have been stalking Target since, hoping they would bring it back, but alas, they have moved on in the fashion world. I have this bee in my  bonnet about finding similar materials and recreating it on my own. And since I've hyped myself up in my brain and now think I am capable of making my own clothing, wearable clothing obviously, I have also convinced myself that I can start copying skirts I like on websites. That I don't own to create patterns with. Apparently, I'm that good!

This last one is something I constantly have on my to-do list: I need the clutter gone. We have so. much. crap. It baffles me! Where in the world do we get all this stuff and how does it burrow its way into our home??? I have started with the kitchen. Slowly. Do we really need a million and a half sippy cups? My donation bags have started and I am ready to purge our home from this chaos that we are surrounding ourselves in!

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