Thursday, August 22, 2013

Ready to Learn!

We are back. Our internet has been reinstated. Most of the boxes (read: all except my personal box) have been unpacked. We are slowly getting back into our regular grind over here. Running around quite a bit as we get all the students in this family ready to go and learn great things.

Earlier this week, I took Benny on a special date to pick out his supplies and he could not have been more excited! I splurged a little on the things that would be his versus the communal supplies. Watching the smile as he picked out the airplane folders instead of the solid colored ones and the backpack with the matching lunchbox. It was adorable!

This morning was his orientation and he and I had a great time. We got to the school and headed into his classroom to do a little scavenger hunt, we were given a little list of all the important things in the room to get familiar with and asked to put his supplies away. Then, the parents left the room and the kids got to hang out and get to know each other and their teacher. The parents were given a tour of the building and then they brought us all into a different kindergarten room. One of the kindergarten teachers read us an adorable book called The Kissing Hand, definitely a tear jerker when we were all already a bit emotional (our babies are all growing up!!!!)! This is the book that they will be reading to the kids on Monday They gave us little red hearts to send with our kids to school and had us each write a letter to our kid. They are planning on reading the letter with our kid and having them write us a response.

I am not usually a crier but today I really found myself fighting tears. He has been in preschool for the last two years but this just feels different. So much more real. So much bigger. So much further from me.

After some standard forms were signed, we went out to find our kids on the playground, playing together as if they've been doing this for months already. Chatting with the teachers who were clearly not strangers anymore. It was so cute to watch him!

He is going to be riding the bus to and from school and, while I may be slightly more nervous than necessary over that detail, I can't wait to see his smiling face and hear his endless stream of words as he makes his way down the steps to run toward us!!!

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