Friday, June 27, 2008

Erev Shabbos Walmart Fun

I decided I get 'Pregnant Wife of the Year Award'. Today I went to Walmart with Rochel (THANKS FOR ALL YOUR HELP!!!!!!!) and made Shuky a brand new list of what to get...complete with company name, model, and shelf price. He will literally just have to walk around and go 'Oh, that's on this list' - a complete no-brainer!!!!

And I bought him a present, a great new tool kit with power tools and everything. Probably should have bought that yesterday, BEFORE he had to put up that ceiling fan! And last week when he fixed our 'new' dining room table. Might have made things a smidgen easier for him, but hey, don't want things being too easy!!!

Anyway, gotta start getting the house ready for Shabbos and put away all these groceries I just got...

Love you all and hopefully we'll hear good news soon!

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