Saturday, June 28, 2008

Shabbos Slumber

Shabbos came and went with no signs of baby. Sigh.

T'was nice though! Friday night we ate by The Bloom Family (as their message machine likes to point out) - they live across the street from us and we practically live there. Well I do anyway! Shabbos day, my father and sister came over for lunch. I was quite a grump all day. I'll blame it on the hormones and lack of sleep. I'm allowed!

Shuky didn't go to shul in the morning so when he went in the afternoon, he got lots of 'So no baby then?' comments. Which I warned him would happen. Being pregnant also makes you all-knowing. I should know! I'm always right these days!!!

I've started reading my baby books again, trying to find some tricks on how to get this process going....Apparently the best way is to wait, but seriously, for anyone who really knows me, I'm probably THE most impatient person on Earth. And yes, I've met everyone so I know!

Anyway, we're about to have mac and cheese for dinner, at 11:30 pm. Yum! Good night all and shavuah tov!

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BobbiStorm said...

you're so cute, i adore you.. just tell shuky he's building a robot and he will get everything needed on the list :)