Thursday, June 26, 2008

Small Town Frustrations


Just a quick vent, creating these registries for Shuky is much harder than I anticipated. The fact that we're 'small town folk' means not having everything easily accessible, which means that registering for these things doesn't really mean I'll be able to get it all as quickly as needed! Grr! Most things are not actually stocked in our local store!


Well, I'm gonna try and sleep some more before the pool opens. Thanks for the shoulder!


BobbiStorm said...

You are so cute I swear. IF you feel a burst of energy...people say you are ready to deliver in a day or so. Then again, that happens a lot so maybe you might want to redecorate the living room. Thank goodness Shuky is used to women suddenly rearranging rooms ;)

Drink water, feel good and exercise your arms muscles cause soon they will be busy and your stomach can go back its normal job :)

Vicki said...

Don't worry about most things because the baby doesn't need much at first....crib or basinet/changing table/car seat..some diapers/diaper cream and that's it. You can order things and they'll come in by the time you need them. :)Moshe loved a mirror on his crib from the beginning so that's one toy that's really useful. :)