Friday, June 27, 2008

Sleep has finally arrived!!!

I slept so well last night! For the first time in who knows how long!!!!!!!!

Hopefully that's a sign for how good today is gonna be!

Oh, and I had another REAL contraction last night. Oodles of fun!


Luba said...

hey Chani.
we were gone for five days to the beach with the trailer trying to get away from the 108 degree weather we've been was 30 degrees less at the beach.

Your blog is wonderful, read all of it and really "feel for you" with the end of pregnancy discomforts....

our thoughts are with you and Shuky and we are anxiously awaiting the good news (G-d willing)

Love you and take care of yourself..and a big hug to Shuky from us.
Tia Luba and Tio Leon

Chani Meyer said...

Hey Tia! Wish we could go on vacation too!!! Hope you don't melt over there in the valley! It's hot here but only about 85. So not quite complainably hot!

Love you!!!