Friday, November 11, 2011

Base Model

The following is what should just be for life in the midwest:

Remote Car Starters - Why is this not standard on EVERY car??? I absolutely hate the few minutes where the car is warming up and there's no point in turning on the heater. Unless that's just my car.

Actual Weather Reports - I would love to have a day where I start out appropriately dressed and don't have to add or remove certain pieces.

Instant Ice/Snow Melters - For both the cars and sidewalk/streets, or they should change normal business hours to start sometime around midday in the winter.

The Perfect Gloves - I need quick access to my fingers, they need to be cute, not bulky, they need to never disappear.

Unchapped Hands and Lips - Pipe dream. I know. But the bloody, painful chapped areas are nasty.

Car Attendant - By this I mean someone constantly in the car with me so I can run errands quickly without having to take the kids out or let the car warm up all over again. Although the remote starter would cover the latter half of this request.

Trash Chute - Dumpsters on the other side of the property suck.

That's all for now I guess! :)

Have a good shabbos everyone!!!

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