Monday, November 7, 2011

Rollin' On

Seems like life is really rolling on!

The situation with Benny and his horrible pick-up issues has not been solved, but we've done a good enough patch job that we are going to be sending him back next semester. Shuky has been meeting me there, or bringing him home on the bus, four out of five days. I just have to be ready for Mondays. Starbucks is a good answer!

We finally have someone to sublease our apartment, already signed things at the management office. Done deal!

Packing is under way. Albeit slower than I'd like. But we have three weeks or so.

Craigslist is doing a good job of helping me fill my 'new couch fund'!

Exciting prospects are brewing in the land of summer internships. More to come on that when things are official!

Shuky signed up for next semester's classes already so our February trip to Florida for the famous Uncle Levi's wedding is being planned. It's nice to know there is a warm light at the end of the cold tunnel over here!!

While I wish it were all sunny news, our car is officially on it's last leg. I may or may not have talked about it over the past couple weeks but right before Rosh Hashana, there was an issue with the brakes so it went into the shop. We got a rental car to go to Iowa City. The mechanic said he would need the car for about six days. Six days turned into four weeks. That's about $900 for just the rental car! The repair job itself was another hefty sum. And by the way, four weeks was just for the rental car. I told him I couldn't afford to keep the rental. He said the car was finally drivable but he was still waiting for parts. He said he'd have the parts in about three or four days. Almost two weeks later, he finished the job. So we're talking almost six weeks for one stinking job.

On a side note, during the time I was driving the car while he was waiting for the part, I was being super cautious, not leaving town, not going out of my way to be driving around. This past Friday, he said he was getting the part and he would give me a call as soon as it came through the door. I got the call to come over so I loaded the kids into the car and was ready to head his way. I pulled out of my parking space and my brakes decided they were not needed. I had no brakes. THANK GOD, I was in my parking lot, not parked on the street. I was going slow enough to throw the car into park without worrying about my engine falling out. I called the mechanic and told him to come to me instead.

It didn't really hit me until an hour or two later. My. Brakes. Failed. I was in the car with both my kids and I had no brakes. A not so small miracle. I am so thankful that it happened in my parking lot instead of on my way home from picking up Benny.

And that was enough to make me say enough. This car has served it's purpose, it's time to move on. As much as we'd like to lease a car and not have to worry about things anymore, we are not really in the position to lock ourselves into monthly payments and higher insurance rates. We are working on scraping together some money to outright buy a car. So for the meantime, we are going to be staying close to home.

Sometimes, you may not even realize the small miracles happening around you. Bottom line is, always find the good in things and be thankful for the beautiful things you have in your life! There's no time to focus on the negative!!

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