Wednesday, November 9, 2011

The Sun Will Come Out!

The weather in Iowa is definitely chosen out of a hat every morning. It is so different, from one day to the next. Heck, from one hour to the next! This past Sunday, it was gorgeous! We went to the park with the kids, enjoyed the beautiful outdoors. I know I rarely post pictures. I always want to but I never remember. You are in for a special treat today!!

**sweaters for my toes**

Yesterday it rained all day and this morning there was snow on the ground. Go figure!

A beautiful old house, across the street from the library

 It's all melted already and in the 50's. I had a teacher that used to say, "If you don't like the weather in Iowa, just wait an hour!"

Speaking of the library, Benny has been intrigued by paper airplanes lately so I checked out a book with different folding techniques. We had a great time making and flying some very agile planes this afternoon!! (Unfortunately, little boy Benny refused to take pictures with his planes.) 

Being that we are moving the week of Thanksgiving, I decided to start the Thanksgiving projects already. Benny and I had some fun making this turkey, using his hands and feet for 'stencils'! It came out very cute :)

And then we had a great snack. No lies, Tostitos Scoops are the answer to my nacho dreams! We love making personal nacho bites out of them, a scoop of salsa, sprinkle on some cheese, maybe a little sour cream or guacamole to dip them in. True cheesy goodness!

And now that I've shared some random pictures, it's time to read some of our new library books!

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