Thursday, November 10, 2011

Of Tutus and Wings

I am proud to announce that I FINALLY went for pictures with the kids!

Benny did not cooperate. When it was his turn for pictures, he was only interested in being grumpy. When it was Bella's turn, he insisted to try again with his pictures. When it was time for pictures of them together, he behaved nicely when there were toys in the shot, but not when it was supposed to be a nicer picture. Oh well.

In all honesty, I wasn't all that impressed with the photographer. We waited over twenty minutes for our appointment, she said we weren't even in the system. She didn't have the backdrops I wanted. Bella is a super smiley baby, she was not able to get much out of her! I guess the good part was I wasn't tempted to spend a million dollars! I walked out of there after paying $26, and it took me quite some time to commit to even those pictures!

What a shame though. Bella made an adorable little tutu'd, wing'd baby!

Anyway, I feel like a better mother now. :)

And on the way home from the studio, I got an email from the photographer that came to the hospital when Bella was born. They reopened my album in honor of the holidays. Maybe I will actually print some of those!

Enjoy checking out the pictures here!

Funny tidbit, on the way to the appointment, I was singing along with the radio and Benny yells out, "Mommy she can sing by herself!!" Yes. Katy Perry can definitely belt those tunes on her own but I want to be her backup little man!

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