Sunday, January 15, 2012

The Circle of Life

I realized something over the weekend. Everything in life has a way of coming full circle. Sometimes, you just have to think in the now, forget about how things might affect the later in life.

Benny is a challenging little boy. Not specifically more than the average three year old but just saying his age is usually enough to get sympathetic glances.

I like to think he's a smart boy. Along with that comes the knowledge that everything I say and do is being scrutinized and will most likely be repeated. Often times, I find myself wondering if what we do now is going to make him hate us later or need years of therapy.

And then I realized it. That's the cycle of life. Whether we talk in even tones all his childhood or yell, as he gets older, he will rebel. Putting him in time out now or taking away a toy as a punishment, those are just blips on the radar. He will question the way we raised him. He will challenge everything we've taught him.

But then he will realize that it was all for the best.

I am 26 years old and  I talk to my mother almost daily.

It took a lot in life to get to that stage but that's just the way things go! We've had our good times and we've had our bad times, just like every other child/parent relationship out there! You learn, you grow, you move on.

Yes, I'd love to never have to deal with the troubles I dealt my parents, but if and when I do, remind me to come back to this blog post so I can savor every moment!


FLight said...

Duly noted.

Chani M said...

I can always count on you ;)

BobbiStorm said...

:) love your writing, your thoughts and your wisdom