Monday, January 16, 2012

Little Words

Over the weekend we noticed some new things Bella is doing. She says, 'YEAH' (with enthusiasm, hence the caps), she claps and dances to music, she mimics everything, she plays games with us, she is literally running everywhere with her walking toy.

My favorite new thing is her word, 'AH-DEN' for again. Like it's a camp cheer. When we are feeding her and she wants more, 'AH-DEN'. When Shuky is playing with her and he stops for a second, 'AH-DEN'.

When I am asking Benny to not touch Bella again, 'AH-DEN!!' Thanks for the back up, little one!

Yesterday, Shuky and I got a babysitter and went to see a movie in the afternoon. Originally, we planned to do it  after the kids were in bed but I got nervous and moved it to a time when Bella would be up and go down for a nap during the time, versus her being sleeping and waking up to a new face. She did great, up until she woke up from her nap. The good news is, we walked in a couple minutes later! So all went well, Shuky and I got to go out for probably the first real time since she was born, Benny had some fun teaching the babysitter how to play games on the Wii. A great time was had by all!

And today, we are all home, in honor of MLK. Out come the reserve toys!

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