Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Let It Snow!

So Sunday night, Shuky threw up. Unfortunately for him, his new semester began the following morning. Monday night, Benny threw up. We stayed home and vegged all day long. Then last night, I threw up. Unfortunately for both of us, I didn't have the strength to take Benny to school and the apartment looks like a train drove through it. With me falling asleep while the kids played, and falling asleep every time I nursed Bella, let's just say Benny had a lot of free reign and a lot of energy. He made himself food. He poured himself drinks. He took toys all over the apartment, regardless of our toys-stay-in-the-playroom policy.

Hoping to wake up feeling nice and refreshed in the morning. I don't think the apartment can handle another sick day!!

When he was going to bed, I told him he gets to go back to school in the morning and he gave me a huge hug. Trust me kids, my sentiments exactly!!!

Oh, and it started snowing tonight, nothing heavy but it's very windy. Definitely feels like winter now!

Stay tuned for pictures soon, I have been slowly putting things up on the walls and organizing areas!!

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