Thursday, January 5, 2012

Settling Dust

Benny's back in school, Shuky goes back on Monday. The vacation dust is starting to settle. I am finding it a bit easier to breathe. :)

I took Bella to get her ears pierced this week. I went once, thought about the crying (mostly hers, maybe some of mine) and asked Shuky to go back with me. I may have spun my request to the tune of 'It will be better for you to see how it's done so you don't worry about everything being sanitized and hygienic' while my heart was yelling 'COME HOLD MY HAND!'

She cried for a minute, I nursed her for a few more, she was sitting up giggling within five minutes. The piercer (is that a word?) loved that she was back to normal so quickly. But not more than me!!

I didn't get through as much of the organizing as I wanted but, in all honesty, I expected that. I did get the laundry room put together, with some organizing hooks and things hung up. I started on our closet. We moved some furniture around in the living room. We got a dining room table, goodbye folding table!
Bella really enjoys walking around underneath it, hoping to find lost cheerios!

We unpacked maybe three boxes. (We only have about five left after that, if even!) We restocked the pantry, best accomplishment of the vacation for sure! I even got a cool chalk board decal for the doors, for a menu of the day and shopping list...mostly for decoration but I love it!

One thing I didn't manage to get to was hanging decoration. Our last apartment was barely decorated. It just never really felt like home. We were content with the place but I was always on the lookout for something better. This new apartment really hit the spot. We are good here. I am going to actually hang things on the walls!!

Surprisingly, we made it through Chanukah. 
Between present insanity and traveling messes, I was on the fence about our survival rate!
Getting creative with new bath toys :) 
 Benny insisted the old kitchen stick around for a little while, until Bella gets bigger!
 Bella's new karaoke center 
Benny's awesome starlight turtle!

We went to a beautiful Bar Mitzvah this past Sunday. I didn't even know where in my closet to start looking for dressy things for myself. Then I realized I don't really have much. I had a lot when we first got married but after getting to know my new Mom body, I never really got too many fancy pieces. So my newest mission is to find some nice key pieces without breaking the bank! And that includes shoes too, I'm embarrassed to say how long I've had the pair I chose!

But, against all odds, we all looked lovely, so I took advantage and had someone snap a family picture. The boys are a bit blurry but you get the idea of who we are!

Bella is climbing all over me, I should probably end this post before she rips keys off the keyboard.

It's happened before.

Hope everyone enjoyed their holidays and is ready for an awesome new year! Here's to hopes of many vacations and good times to be had by all!!


chay said...

i so know what you mean about NOW going to find something nice- funny how i'm shopping AFTER the bar mitzvah.. since i've now realize, hmmm, not much to choose from ;o
nice seeing you and chatting! btw, sales are still around.. great to go shopping now!

Chani M said...

I know!! I keep finding things I want but we had to buy tickets to my brother in laws wedding this week so next week hopefully, I'll go do some shopping :)