Sunday, November 11, 2012

28 Things To Do

Tomorrow is my 27th birthday and, inspired by my friend Dara, I am making a list of 28 achievable things I would like to accomplish in the next year, things that are out of the norm for me, before I turn 28!

1. Make my own purim costumes for my family
2. Use my birthday money (I know, I still get birthday checks) on myself instead of household needs
3. Giveaway/sell/donate all the things we don't use
4. Get away by myself, even if only for a couple days
5. Set up a workout regimen and actually keep to it
6. Do a few of the projects I've pinned
7. Learn from my mistakes and move past them
8. Decorate Bella's wall in the kids' room (Benny's is already pretty awesome!)
9. Create a nice 'entryway' in our apartment
10. Post a virtual tour of our apartment, once it is clutter-free and nicely 'entrywayed'
11. Go on dates with my husband more often (we are seriously lacking in the dates department)
12. Have more special time with each kid, one on one
13. Get back to doing projects with the kids more often
14. Hang up pictures/artwork around the apartment, make it look like we really live here
15. Take another photography class
16. Expand my musical taste
17. Try to step outside my comfort zone a bit more
18. Finish the *bleeping* pillows I started making for the kids over a year ago
19. Learn not to take what others do or say personally
20. Color a Mandala (took this straight off Dara's list, what a cool thing!!)
21. Make it back to Mall of America
22. Dye my hair (not like anyone will see it or anything, just for kicks)
23. Lose some weight
24. Truly get my apartment clutter free
25. Go to sleep at a more normal hour (when possible) so I wake up feeling human
26. Blog more
27. Read more
28. Learn to say 'no' without feeling guilty

Wish me luck! This was fun putting together and I truly hope I get to it all!

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