Monday, November 26, 2012

Goodbye #2!

Ahh, the joy of ticking something off my to-do list. This list being my birthday resolution! I have 28 things to do before I turn 28 and I'm ready to knock numero dos off the list. I have officially, selfishly spent all of my birthday money on myself. And it felt amazing!!

I got a sewing machine with a couple accessories from my mom. Which will help me cross of some more of my list soon enough!

I ordered new boots and some good Black Friday deals from my dad.

I cashed my grandparents' check and physically went shopping with that money.

{Maybe I should have made something on my list about putting myself in our pictures more.}

Wow. What an awesome feeling to just walk in and buy things, not worrying where that money should have gone! Ok, not going to lie. I thought about that. I'm human. Mostly a responsible one, too. But this was truly a freeing experience!

Here's my wish to you all. May you have a spouse/conscience supportive enough to say, "Yes. Please spend it all on yourself! You deserve it!!" And then go and actually do it!

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