Sunday, November 25, 2012

Sing With Me

Of all the things I registered for before getting married, my shower radio is the one thing that still gets the most use. People laughed when they saw it on my list. My mother in law ordered it. That was when I knew she truly got me!

For anyone that does not have a shower radio, stop reading. Get in your car. Drive to your nearest Target/Walmart/Bed Bath & Beyond. Get a shower radio. Come home. Get in the shower. Blast the hell out of said radio and sing like no one can hear you. Better yet, sing like everyone can hear you but you just don't care!

Chani PSR (that's Chani Pre Shower Radio) used to sing in the shower but there was always a wait for people to make requests or the same song being sung on a loop. Now the Chani Show has sold out shows! The chairs are in the hallway. The door is closed. The bathroom acoustics are amazing as always. It's not a real success until someone knocks on the door, asking me to shut up. Which happens ALMOST every shower I take. True talent right here folks!

Funny enough, there are people who really got somewhere doing this! Check out Rin on the Rox on youtube. They actually made it onto The Ellen Show for singing in their bathroom. All I can say is, Ellen I'm ready for you!!!

The moral of today's story is this: Live, folks. Sing like you don't care who's listening.

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