Tuesday, November 27, 2012

C is for Cookie

Over the summer, Benny got involved in a Mitzvah-thon. The idea was to do as many mitzvos (good deeds) as possible and raise money for an amazing organization while doing so. Benny did a great job, raising over $100!! At the end of the event, based on how much money each child raised, they got to choose a prize for themselves.  Benny chose a cookie making machine. Not an EZ Bake. That would have brought on a blog post MUCH sooner! It's kind of like a play-dough thing, just cuts the cookie dough into fun shapes.

On Sunday, we finally opened the box. He won this in July. Let's not talk about the delay we have around here. Thanks.

Anyway, he and Shuky had so much fun making the cookie dough, shaping and decorating them, and eventually eating them. We definitely need to find a different recipe, though. We have all come to that conclusion. Otherwise, it was quite a successful afternoon!

Getting their hands dirty

Punch, punch, punch

Ready yet?

While Shuky and Benny were working with the shaping tools, Bella was casually eating what they put on the tray. Instant gratification for her, who needs to cook things when you can sneak it right away!

Notice Bella sneaking dough and Benny's disapproving look

Getting very into it

Into the oven we go!

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