Thursday, November 1, 2012

Wish List Gone Crazy

I've been working quite a bit this week and I have to say, while initially I was a little bummed to finally start working right around the holidays, I'm finding this to be a blessing in disguise. One of the things I love to do is find amazing deals on everything possible and share them online. This can only lead to one thing on my part. Crazy amounts of wish listing. In vain, but I wish nonetheless! Less time on the computer means less time finding deals, which means less coveting all I see!!

Speaking of wish listing and deals and coveting, it's time to crack down on Chanukah presents. I said crack down, by the way, because my present box is already overflowing at the top of my closet. I stock up on presents all year long. Whenever I see something on clearance that I know we've been wanting to get for the kids, I sneak it into the box. Some Chanukahs I don't even make it through all the gifts in the box, after gifts from family comes in. We like to give them something each night, doesn't have to be anything big. I got Benny some cute pez dispensers. That works for a night's present! We try to do one nice, big gift and the rest are small, cute things. Now, just because my box is overflowing, doesn't mean I have all I've planned on getting. I also add exciting things I find on Amazon to the kids' wish list all year long! As the deals start getting better, I keep a close watch on the items on the wish list and see what we can grab up!!

If I'm already scouring for deals, I may as well be available to help others! If you are looking for something specific, hit me up, I may have seen it or can just keep an eye out for you! Although, now that my schedule is all wonky, I make no promises!

Anywho, I guess my time at home now should be prioritized differently. Time to get laundry folded, dinner fully cleaned up, Bella in bed, check my menu for tomorrow, and make sure Benny is actually asleep (I'm pretty sure I hear him pitter pattering around back there, even though he's been in bed for over an hour). And then I can squander away my last few minutes online, checking out what I've missed today!

Truly looking forward to Shabbos tomorrow night. And my library books.


Dara said...

it is awesome that you do gifts. we do too. they are also small and on sale! I have gotten 4 for Gabbie so far and 2 for the boys so far. I watch the deals this time of year. only I don't have amazon prime so that could be a problem!

Chani M said...

Really?? What about through Amazon Mom? If you ever need something quick you can totally hit me up!!
I actually have to take inventory of what I have. I definitely have tons more for Benny than I do for Bella. I really wanted the big gift to be something they could share but I dropped the ball and missed the sale...I was going to order them a set of MagnaTiles.

Adel Bendayan said...

Chani where do you search around for deals can you share some searching secrets please! I'm always trying but don't know where to look I guess that's where being Internet savvy comes in lol ... But it would be great if you can enlighten me a tad :)

Chani M said...

Well, for starters, I watch flash sale/daily deal sites very closely. I have some posts (#1 and #2) with the ones I recommend the most but I am way overdue for an updated list. In your honor, I will work on that ;)

I also know in advance what I am looking for and familiarize myself with the prices so when the price drops to a good price, I know right away to buy it!

I guess it really all depends on what you are looking for though. There are so many 'deal' blogs out there worth following. Maybe I'll make a 'my favorite blogs' post some day soon as well!! You are inspiring me tonight Adel!!!