Monday, August 25, 2008

Another Day with Benny

It's been a few days since I wrote but not a whole lot has happened. Shabbos was nice. We stayed in pj's the whole time, never even unlocked the front door! Shuky left to the farm yesterday, he'll be back in time to jump back in the car for the drive to the airport Friday morning. We're coming to Florida for Chaim's Bar Mitzvah!! We're gonna stick around for a week and from there Shuky goes back home and Benny and I are heading out to New York so Benny can meet his Bobbe (my mom)!!! Benny will be quite the little traveler!!!
I'm a little nervous about traveling alone but we'll make it!

Anyway, here's two pictures from today. He's wearing a really funny shirt that Uncle Shmuly sent him!

Love you all and we're all very excited to see everyone!!

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BobbiStorm said...

he is so cute, cannot wait to see you both and Benny.. now I can finally call him his name ;)