Monday, August 11, 2008

A Good Day!!!

Today was a day for good news and exciting ideas.
Baby has a set day for his bris, it will be a week from today God willing, Monday the 18th!
Shuky and I decided to come to Florida for Chaim's bar mitzvah!
We are almost positively going to New York for Succos.


I felt such a huge weight lift off my shoulders when the nurses told me what Baby's level was at after the blood test! I just couldn't stop smiling and talking excitedly to the little man...

Then Mimi and I took all the kids to the mall in Rochester and I got Dude some cute outfits for Yom Tov and pictures and all the trips coming up...

And now I'm exhausted and must go and start planning this bris, FINALLY!

Can't wait to give him a name and share it with everyone! Good night and hopefully today was good for everyone else too!!


Sruly said...

Great news, that's really exciting. Can't wait to hear the name. We're also very happy you guys are coming down to florida, now dovid and ruthie can see thier new cousin and all the meyers will be in florida! (oy vey lol)

Chani Meyer said...

Alert the authorities!! NMB will need some extra security guards on shift for the weekend!