Monday, August 18, 2008

Bris Day, FINALLY!!!

Today was the little man's bris. He was amazing, cried for a second and has been great the entire day since! His name is Binyamin Avraham, Binyamin after Shuky's grandfather and Avraham after my great-grandfather. We're going to call him Benny.
Usually, I don't like the concept of naming after more than one person but about three weeks before he was born, I had a very clear and detailed dream. In the dream, I gave birth to a boy. For some reason, the bris was the following day (someone mentioned this could possibly be taken as a sign that the bris was not supposed to be on the 8th day). Shuky and I named the baby Binyamin Avraham, after the two above-mentioned grandfathers. The dream even went on to show me that we had already decided to call him Benny. After he was actually born, I spoke to a Rabbi about the dream. He told me that something so clear about something so beautiful should not be cast aside and that we should definitely consider this as a sign! So Benny he is.
And for anyone who has or has not met him, the name really works! He's definitely a little Benny. Although it will be hard to stop saying Baby!
Anyway, I don't have pictures of the bris. I was slightly preoccupied. If anyone has pictures, please send them our way!
I would also like to thank everyone who helped out so much! We love everyone so much and were so happy to be able to share the simcha with everyone, on the phone, over the internet, in person....however people were able to join!
Have a good night and Benny can't wait to meet everyone!

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DaJoy said...

Mazel Tov! yaaaay such wonderful news! And it looks like you had a grand cake to match! Whoa! are those little cake-people? mmmm now i want one of those lava cakes w/the liquid chocolate in the middle.