Sunday, August 10, 2008

A Fun Story Called Poop

So little guy poops alot and of course can't stand having ANYTHING in his diaper so the smallest of anything has to be changed instantly. So off we went to Walmart to get more diapers. Because we were out already. It's been about a week. A little less. We are also on our third company. First one gave him a small rash, second one wasn't leak-proof like it claimed, we'll see how this third company holds out!
Oh, the Mohel came by this morning and said Baby is looking much better. He said that if this were the first time he was seeing the baby, we would be doing the bris on time...
Tomorrow we have the next blood test so hopefully, with what the Mohel is saying, we're gonna get the go-ahead!

Hope everyone is having an easy fast!!!

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Penina said...

hey, first off i enjoy reading your blog:) secondly just wanted to say, im a big fan of the brand "pampers" for diapers. dont know if you have a lotta those in iowa. hope the baby gets cleared and he can have his bris:)