Sunday, August 17, 2008

Soon to be named!

Thursday I took little guy to work and to run errands around town (we walked, well I walked and he strolled), while Shuky went to LaCrosse to pick up his father. Mimi and the kids all had colds so they moved to my father's house. We've waited long enough for this bris. No need to push it off even more!
Friday, Baby and I went to Cedar Rapids to pick up my father and walk the aisles of Sam's Club. Bris stuff, here we come! Of course, we did forget the drinks.
Shabbos was nice, Friday night was quiet. Shabbos day we had Mimi and the kids, Rochel, my father...It was really nice! Nana and Grampa stopped by in the afternoon, right before Shuky left to shul for Mincha. Me and Baby showed them around the house, the backyard. We sat and talked for a bit.
Today we're going to have a nice brunch at 11:30. Problem is I may have forgotten to tell most of the people invited! Just waiting for an hour that isn't SO horrible for me to call over to my father's house...
Anyway, after the brunch, Baby and I (and Rochel, if we can steal her away) need to go to WalMart to get the stuff we forgot to get at Sam's Club!
Have a nice day everyone! Can't wait for tomorrow!!!

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