Monday, August 4, 2008

County Fair

I forgot to mention that yesterday, in the afternoon, we went to a county fair nearby. Baby had so much fun watching Zalmy and Shaina go on all the rides! We switched the stroller so that the carriage was facing me instead of the public and he slept the ENTIRE time! It was really nice getting out and I'm trying to hick up my son as much as possible....git'er started young!

Today, once the rain cleared up, we invited the Blooms over for some water fun - water balloons and running through the sprinklers! Then, later in the afternoon, we went for a walk to the library and the post office...really hot out but nice to get out!
We ran out of diapers already so off I went in search of diapers that would fit my big boy's butt. And he sure does poop alot! He tends to wait until we close the tabs on the new diaper and then 'expresses himself' once again!

And now I am watching Finding Nemo with Zalmy while Shaina goes to sleep and then off to sleep I go!

Good night and lots of love!


DaJoy said...

Remind me again why your in Iowa? Country fairs are cool! I think...i'd like to go to one! My Mom (for years) had been asking me if I remember (which I don't btw) when they took me to some "Oatmeal festival" fair or something.

Chani Meyer said...

I'm in Iowa because my cost of living is probably a third of yours, and I live in a three bedroom house! And it's gorgeous here...
But you should definitely find a county fair for yourself to go to, they're tons of fun!
Oatmeal festival...sounds interesting!