Friday, August 22, 2008

I Got My Bed Back!

Shuky brought home the new pack-n-play yesterday and put it together for us and Benny slept in it. I GOT MY BED BACK FOR MYSELF!!! It was so exciting! He looks so yummy in his new bed and today we went to Toys'r'us to get some more stuff and I get sheets that work for pack-n-plays. And we finally found diapers in his size, by the box! Shuky also got new shoes and I got more baby books, ones for after the baby is born...I actually got the continuations of two of my baby books that I liked the most! Hopefully they'll be just as good and informative!

Have a good Shabbos everyone!


DaJoy said...

awww so cute! Is Benny still small? How do you like the pak n'play? Its not a replacement for a crib right? Its like a playpen combo thing right?

Chani Meyer said...

Benny was never small in my opinion but in something like this, with so much space, he looks tiny!
It's not necessarily a replacement for a crib but while he's still sleeping in our room, this is his bed. Until he's ready to sleep in his own room (meaning a slightly more regular sleep schedule at night...) we're not worrying about a crib. Once he goes to his room he can have a crib!
This thing is a playpen that has a bassinet attachment and a changing table..perfect for small spaces.
I know people who always use this, until the day the kids are old enough to be in a real bed!